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At the conference, Maxwell Winslow demonstrated a robotic prosthetic arm that responds to sensors worn around the bicep.

More than 200 students in Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Science, Engineering, and Technology had the opportunity to demonstrate some 65 projects at the annual Capstone Design Conference, held on May 5 on campus.  The projects, which represent the culmination of students’ educational experience, this year included a racecar, a rocket, a reverse vending machine, HVAC improvements to classrooms, a prosthetic arm, a virtual reality game, and – more unusually – a self-balancing unicycle.

First place winners, pictured here with Dr. Rafic Bachnak and Dr. Shashi Marikunte, created a virtual reality educational game.

Penn State Harrisburg’s School of Science, Engineering, and Technology (SSET) recently recognized student projects presented during the annual Capstone Design Conference, a culmination of the students’ undergraduate studies and an opportunity to combine classroom learning with real-life applications, as well as collaborate with industry sponsors.

Themed housing at the college accommodates the diverse interests of students.

To accommodate a growing student population with a diverse array of interests, Housing and Food Services at Penn State Harrisburg now offers Special Living Options (SLOs) for all incoming first-year students. Two themed houses, Sustainability House and Discover House, are accepting applications for the fall 2017 semester.

Media Highlights

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Police need public cooperation. The police rely on the public to report and help solve crimes. This is especially true now that police departments face budget cuts and increasing demands on their time – an environment that pressures police to get things done through innovative partnerships with citizens.


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Research News

The Office of Research and Outreach, Penn State Harrisburg, is pleased to announce the following grant activity for December 1 – March 31, 2017:

Proposals submitted:

There were 16 proposals submitted to 13 different sponsor agencies by 14 faculty and staff members totaling $2,945,137.

Proposals awarded:

There were 12 projects funded from 11 different funding agencies involving 9 different faculty and staff members totaling $485,710.