Central Pennsylvania Research and Teaching Laboratory for Biofuels

Student researcher using a pipette on samplesThe Central Pennsylvania Research and Teaching Laboratory for Biofuels serves as a center for the study of second- and third-generation biofuels, with the goal of bringing environmentally friendly energy alternatives to the marketplace. Located on the west side of campus, the center provides biotechnology equipment and greenhouse space for science and engineering classes and student and faculty research at Penn State Harrisburg, and also accommodates partnerships with other higher education institutions, schools and other organizations.

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Our Mission

In an increasingly complex world of scientific research, the Center is a beacon of light for underrepresented minorities including women, students from local area high schools, historically black colleges and universities, interested in cutting edge research and to gain hands-on experience in the areas of cell and molecular biology. Committed to instilling a spirit of collaboration, the college combines education and internship with a primary objective of reigniting the imaginations of students towards a passion for biology and other Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines in hopes of increasing the diversity in the STEM community.

B.S. in Biology Program

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