Studying China's Art Underworlds

Luo Wen Hong

Join Wenhong Luo as she introduces the concept of Jiang Hu (江湖)or “underworld” in Chinese culture. A term that literally means “rivers and lakes.” Jiang Hu is widely used to refer to the social worlds of vagrants, outsiders, and outlaws. Luo argues that Jiang Hu has become a root metaphor of Chinese contemporary art scene, influencing people’s concepts, imaginations, thoughts, and actions. 

Wenhong Luo is an assistant curator at the Yunnan Nationalities Museum in Kunming, China, where her primary responsibilities include conducting ethnic material culture research, producing ethnic art exhibits, and coordinating international cooperation.

In October, 2016, her first solo curated exhibit Divine Presence in the Details:Technology, Art and Aesthetic in Kimono Texture Dyeing was presented at the YNM. In April 2017, the exhibit Beijing's 798 Art Zone, which she helped to develop opened at the Mather Museum of World Cultures at Indiana University.

Her research interests include ethnic material culture, the culture of liminoid groups, and anthropological museum curation.

Since January 2017, she has been a visiting scholar in American Studies at Penn State Harrisburg, where she continues her work on contemporary art, material culture, and textile arts.


12:00pm — 01:00pm


C211, Olmsted Building