Late Drop - Deadline
(Summer 2017 - Session 2)

Use the “Drop/Add” application within lionpath.psu.eduNote: certain restrictions and requirements apply.

See the University Registrar’s Late Dropping a Course page for complete details.

These dates are based on a full semester calendar as established by the University and apply only to courses that begin and end as shown. Some courses in this schedule do not begin and end following full semester dates, and when applicable, the irregular course begin/end dates are shown in the course listing. Add, drop, and late drop actions for irregular scheduled courses follow a proportional schedule and questions in this regard should be directed to the Enrollment Services/Academic Records Office, Swatara Building. Starting with the first day of classes, a tuition penalty may be charged if a course is dropped. Contact the Bursar's Office, Swatara Building, or Tuition Adjustment Policy, concerning refunds for students enrolled in 12 or fewer credits.


This event has ended; page retained for archival purposes only.