Penn State Harrisburg

Corporate & Customized Training Solutions

Penn State Harrisburg Continuing Education is your local resource to the expansive knowledge available through Penn State. Our faculty are world-renown, working with your organization to identify performance gaps that can be addressed through education and training. Whether you're business is a small non-profit or a global corporate leader, Penn State has the ability to help with your training and education needs. Our expertise includes organizational development, strategic planning, leadership, communication, and technical expertise in a wide-range of disciplines.

  • Leadership & Strategy 
  • Communications & Interpersonal Skills 
  • Management & Supervision 
  • Sales, Marketing, & Customer Service 
  • Project Management 
  • Business Skills 
  • Team Development 

Corporate & Customized On-Site Training Solutions

For more information on working with Penn State resources, contact Erin Shannon at 717.948.6704.