Penn State Harrisburg

A-4. Establishment and Management of Centers, Institutes, and Consortia


Each Center/Institute/Consortium at the College must be approved by the Chancellor and the Senior Vice President for Research, as well as conform to PSU policy RAG 18 at

In addition, each Center/Institute/Consortium at the College must meet the following criteria to be established, supported, and/or sustained:


  1. Have a clear vision, mission, and Strategic Plan.
  2. Focus on a specific research or service function related to the University’s goals and its land-grant mission to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  3. Demonstrate through objective performance measures that the organization is having a significant impact on the advancement of the University’s research and outreach interests.


  1. Have a continuing Director, approved by the Chancellor and School Director.
  2. Have the support of the School Director, or administrative leader of an academic unit.
  3. Demonstrate an ongoing record of following all guidelines or procedures established by the Penn State Harrisburg Chancellor and Office of Research and Graduate Studies as well as the Penn State Office of Research Protections.
  4. Establish an annual evaluation process to ensure that the unit is meeting all relevant missions, goals or objectives, including University objectives for outreach projects.


  1. Engage multiple faculty (more than 2) and graduate students (optimal but not a requirement).
  2. Have identifiable stakeholders and clients, who receive real benefits from the organization.

Funding and Budget

  1. Have extramural funding, rather than internal funding from the College or other University budgets.
  2. Have sustainable funding, including funding over a multi-year period, rather than one or two occasional grants.
  3. Conform to University budget procedures, with an approved/renewable financial plan that meets guidelines from the Chancellor and the Penn State Office of Sponsored Programs.

Approved: Academic Council June 3, 2003

Approved: Dean of the College June 4, 2003

Submitted: Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School June 5, 2003

Revisions: Academic Council April 8, 2009