Penn State Harrisburg

Vehicle Registration

Student Registration and Permits

  • All students having vehicles on campus are required to register their vehicle each semester or session. Students are encouraged to register their vehicles online. Payments can be made online or at the Vehicle Registration Office in the Susquehanna Building.

  • Questions can be directed to: 717-948-6006

  • Eastgate Center — Students taking courses at the Penn State Harrisburg Eastgate Center will follow the same procedure as other full and part-time students of the College and pay vehicle registration fees according to the same fee schedule.

  • If taking a one-day course, students may purchase a temporary permit from the Vehicle Registration Office, located in the Susquehanna Building, or the campus kiosk machine, for $1.00 per day.

Faculty and Staff Registration and Permits

Permit fees may be paid by cash, check, money order, or payroll deduction. Checks and money orders are to be made payable to "The Pennsylvania State University".

  • All employees must pay a vehicle registration fee to park a vehicle at any Penn State Harrisburg location.

  • Adjunct faculty teaching without remuneration will receive a complimentary vehicle registration permit.

Other Campus Employees Who Are Not Penn State Harrisburg Employees

Persons who are employed on campus yet are not employees of Penn State Harrisburg (such as bookstore or childcare employees) and who operate a vehicle on campus will pay the vehicle registration fees according to the fee schedule for Penn State Harrisburg employees.

Other Parking Permit Options

  • Affiliate Parking Permits can be purchased by any Penn State Harrisburg facility user (e.g. pool, library, etc) who is not a current faculty member, staff employee, or student. The annual fee for an Affiliate Permit is $40 and the permit is valid from January 1 – December 31 of each year. These permits are non-transferable and must be properly displayed on the vehicle’s rearview mirror when parked on campus. Affiliate Permit holders are not permitted to park in any restricted parking space (e.g.. visitors, etc).

  • Kiosk Parking Permits can be purchased on a daily basis for $1 from any of the six (6) silver parking permit kiosks located in the Olmsted, Library and College West parking lots. Vehicles displaying these daily parking permits are not allowed to park in any restricted parking space (e.g. visitors, etc).

Rules and Regulations

NOTE: Parking rules and regulations are under review, as of Feb. 2016. Specific rules, fees, and other information as posted below may not be current. Please contact the Vehicle Registration Office at 717-948-6006 for questions or further information. 

General Provisions

  • All provisions of the Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in effect at all Penn State Harrisburg locations.
  • The regular use of vehicles on campus by students, staff, faculty and visitors is permitted upon registration of each vehicle and display of the vehicle permit. (A permit is an instrument (hangtag) issued by the Vehicle Registration Office to verify that the operator of a vehicle has registered his or her vehicle and paid the appropriate fees). Exception: Visitor and/or metered spaces where available).
  • Specific limitations on driving, parking, speeding, stopping, noise making, and the like as shown on campus signs or as posted, also govern the use of motor vehicles.
  • Those provisions set forth in the "Vehicle Code" of the "Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Chapter 35, Sub Chapter A, titled "Operations of Pedacycle", will govern the operation of bicycles on campus property.

Vehicle Registration

  • A "Motor Vehicle" in these regulations means any motor driven vehicle (automobile, truck, motorcycle, motorbike, motor scooter, moped, minibike, or other).
  • Each student vehicle must be registered either prior to the student's academic registration or at a later date if a vehicle is acquired after academic registration. Any change in vehicle requires a change in registration.
  • Staff and/or faculty members' vehicles must be registered upon appointment or at a later date if a vehicle is acquired after the initial appointment date. Any change in vehicle requires a change in registration.
  • The Vehicle Registrar is located in the Vehicle Registration Office in the Susquehanna Building.
  • A vehicle permit is to be displayed from the rear view mirror. The permit covers only the vehicle(s) registered. If the registered vehicle will no longer be utilized on campus but another vehicle will, vehicle registration office must be notified.

Parking Area

  • Student, faculty, staff or visitor vehicles bearing a current permit may park at any time in the following areas: Olmsted Building, rear lot, Wharton Avenue, entrance lot, Swatara Building/CUB lot, Engineering Laboratories lot, Residence Hall lots and roadsides as marked, Olmsted Drive curbside except where posted otherwise and EAB lots.
  • Student, faculty, staff and visitor vehicles may temporarily park in the following areas while conducting business in that facility: Bookstore lot, Child Care lot
  • Parking is not authorized elsewhere and, in particular, not in the following locations:
    • Alongside the curb in front of the Olmsted Building
    • Along roadsides, unless specifically designated
    • On the grass
    • In any staff-designated lot
    • In the Heat Plant lot
    • In loading dock area at rear of Olmsted Building
    • On or obstructing sidewalks


  • Visitors to the University may park in a designated visitor’s space. Students, staff, faculty and facility users are not allowed to park in these spaces.
  • Penn State Harrisburg acknowledges all other valid Penn State University Vehicle Registration permits if the students are currently enrolled in classes at that campus and are taking a majority of their credits at that campus.

Parking for the Physically-Challenged

  • Parking for the physically challenged is available at each campus building.
  • A request to temporarily utilize handicap spaces must be submitted with a doctor’s recommendation to the Vehicle Registration Office in the Susquehanna Building. When approval is granted, vehicles may park in any handicapped-designated space until the temporary permit expires.
  • State-issued handicapped license plates, placards, etc. will be honored and allowed to park in handicapped spaces at Penn State Harrisburg. However, these vehicles must still be registered with the Vehicle Registration Office and pay the appropriate fees. 

Hershey Medical Center Parking Permits

  • HMC employees who are Students, Faculty, Staff or a Facility Users (e.g., gym or library) will be required to obtain a Penn State Harrisburg parking permit in order to park on this campus.

Special Events

  • Parking arrangements will be made for special events.
  • All others must register their vehicles at the Vehicle Registration Office in the Susquehanna Building and purchase a one-day temporary permit for $1.00.


  • Delivery vehicles, which are loading and unloading at the loading dock, are not required to be registered.

Students Visiting University Park

Traffic Violation Notices

Pre-numbered Traffic Violation Notices will be issued for violations of vehicle regulations.


  1. Violations of a non-moving nature are subject to the following penalties:
    • Permit Improperly Displayed — $5.00
    • Restricted — $5.00
    • Walkway — $5.00
    • Against Traffic — $5.00
    • Two Spaces — $5.00
    • Reserved — $5.00
    • Current Permit Not Displayed — $5.00
    • Fraudulent, Unauthorized or Altered Permit — $50.00
    • Overtime — $5.00
    • Roadway — $5.00
    • Grass — $5.00
    • Yellow Curb — $5.00
    • No Parking — $5.00
    • Handicapped — $50.00
    • Unregistered Vehicle — $50.00
  2. Damage to University property resulting from improper operation of a vehicle will be billed for repair or replacement to the person holding the permit for the vehicle that caused the damage.
  3. Failure to report an accident on University property at the time of occurrence may result in charges being filed as per the Commonwealth Vehicle Code.


  1. Violations may be appealed in writing or on the specified form to the Vehicle Registration Office within 10 business days of the violation notice.
  2. A Board, which is comprised of two faculty, two students, two staff members, and one technical service member, acts as an advisory panel and an appeals board for violations. A portion of the penalty funds generated by this program are directed to SGA, fellowships, scholarships, assistantships and/or stipends. Any vehicle parked on campus shall be at the owner's risk. The University assumes no responsibility for theft, damage or personal injury. An annual report is published each year to highlight how all funds have been used for this program.
  3. Any violation that is not cleared (excused or penalties paid prior to the end of semester/session) may result in a hold being placed on student records. A hold means (1) no transcripts are released, (2) the student cannot re-enroll, (3) the student does not receive a diploma.