Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Penn State Harrisburg School of Science, Engineering and Technology is the academic home of the four-year Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Biology. The Program draws on faculty expertise in anatomy/embryology, genetics, immunology/microbiology, neuroscience and plant genetics and offers two options in either general biology or genetics/developmental biology. 

Unique aspects of the program include (1) a low student to faculty ratio, (2) a cogent faculty mentorship program providing students with critical support promoting student retention during the critical early years in the classroom, (3) a revamped and integrated curriculum with strong emphasis on critical thinking, hands-on laboratory activities and small group learning and (4) awareness-building as it relates to the pursuit of careers post-graduation. 

The establishment of closer ties between Penn State Harrisburg and Penn State Hershey underpin efforts to transform the Biology Program into a conduit for student placement into professional health and allied health programs that can lead to degrees in medicine, research, physician assistantships, nursing, technology, pharmacy and therapy. The diverse student population, drawn together by common academic interests contained in a myriad of clubs (science, journal, careers) further reflects the high level of focused instruction, guidance and mentorship in biology that the program provides its students in preparation for meeting national and global challenges in the future.