Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MS ME) degree program will provide students with an educational foundation that prepares them for leadership roles in engineering research and product design/development.

Students will learn to read, interpret, and critically assess literature in specialized fields of mechanical engineering, and then conceive, develop, and conduct original research leading to useful applications in materials, manufacturing, thermo-fluids, control systems and design areas. Additionally, students will be mentored to prepare research proposals and technical reports, present research work in seminars, and publish in peer-reviewed journals. In addition, the MS ME program offers flexible schedules ideal for working professionals, as well as internships and opportunities to work with faculty on research through assistantships and part-time positions.

Degree Conferred: M.S. ME 

Note: This program will be available soon within the Graduate Application portal; contact the program for more details.