Faculty Seminar - Younhee Kim

Join the Office of Research and Outreach Dr. Kim as she presents "The relative productivity of university technology transfer."

Academic research in the United States has taken more direct roles in economic development and technology innovation after the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980 that allowed inventors or institutions to preserve title to inventions resulted from federal funding. Research expenditures and investments for academic research have noticeably increased by greater interactions with government and industry.

Despite a dramatic increase in the volume of university invention disclosures, licensing and patenting, there is less substantial evidence on the extent to which university technology transfer activities impact on knowledge diffusion and commercialization.

This study intends to assess the productivity of university technology transfer focused on diffused usability and examine the impacts of institutional characteristics over the productivity by the two-stage estimation.

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Please contact Stephanie at slp29@psu.edu if large groups plan to attend.

Light lunch provided.


12:00pm — 01:00pm

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Gallery Lounge, Olmsted Building