SalesForce Career Panel

Find out how you might translate your love of technology into a professional career at Penn State Harrisburg Salesforce Student Group’s Salesforce Career Panel. 

Panelists include an eclectic group of successful professionals currently excelling in Salesforce careers. Panelists will share information on their own career paths, trends, and the critical skills students should hone. Whether students are just considering a career in the technology industry, or are absolutely convinced this career path is their destiny, they should check out this event.

Panelists include the following:

  • Sam Kephart, Salesforce Software Engineer @ Capital Blue Cross
  • Matthew Nielsen, Project Manager @ Candoris
  • Doug Swist, Technical Account Senior Manager @ Salesforce
  • Steve Hoke, Senior CRM Analyst @ Capital Blue Cross
  • William Merritt, Senior Implementation Specialist @ Candoris
  • Derek Hall, Senior Software Engineer @ Candoris

RSVP preferred, pefreshments will be served.

Penn State Harrisburg Salesforce Student Group

In this group, we will be learning Salesforce© tools and networking with business professionals from Central PA! Our goal is to enable students to learn valuable skills that are essential in today's global business environment that can help further your career!


05:00pm — 06:30pm


Library Instruction Room 106, Library