Public Administration Information Session

Discoveries of Student Research in the Ph.D. Program

Ph.D. students presenting

We Are... leading our recognized Ph.D. program in Public Administration at the School of Public Affairs into a new time with a couple of exciting innovations, which include several specialization areas within the program, where students can do thesis research and work with expert faculty who are leaders in the respective field, as well as interact with stakeholders and practitioners from our advisory board.

Career fields include:

  • Public and nonprofit management
  • Organizations and human resource management
  • Public budgeting and finance
  • Public policy analysis
  • State and local government administration
  • Criminal justice
  • Health administration
  • Homeland security

We are featuring select discoveries made by our Ph.D. students as well as holding an information session for those considering pursuing a Ph.D. degree. Our program is still accepting applications for fall 2019 until March 15! Dr. Younie Kim, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Coordinator of the Ph.D. Admissions Committee, will be in attendance and available to answer questions about how to apply and optimize your application.

Panel: Expanding Horizons of Public Administration and Policy: A Contemporary Lens Perspective

School of Public Affairs doctoral students share latest discoveries from their studies and research, and the potential to impact practice.

Topics include:

  • Social Media, Social Movements, and Perceptions of Political Efficacy
  • Impact of Current U.S. Immigration Policy on the Number of International Students
  • Obesogenic Environments: Socioeconomic and Policy Factors in the Spread of Obesity

Information session: Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration at Penn State Harrisburg

Meet current students in our Ph.D. program and huddle with faculty. Learn more about our doctoral program and the application process.


05:30pm — 07:00pm

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Eastgate Center