Minor in Computer Science

Computing has become an essential component of many disciplines, and it is driving innovation in fields far beyond computer science.  The minor in Computer Science at Penn State Harrisburg provides basic proficiency in computer science, with an emphasis on building both a theoretical framework for computer science and providing practical skills needed to apply computer science to other fields of study.  The knowledge and skills gained in the minor expands opportunities for students seeking careers in the growing number of fields that require a strong foundation in computer science.  In addition, for students seeking to pursue graduate study, the minor provides background knowledge for the computing intensive aspects of their chosen discipline.

The minor begins with the second-level course in computer programming (CMPSC 122), a course in object-oriented programming with web applications (CMPSC 221), a course in discrete math for computer science (CMPSC 360), and a course in data structures (CMPSC 463). These twelve credits are followed with an additional six credits of 400-level work in computer science (CMPSC).  Note that CMPSC 121 and MATH 140 are prerequisites for CMPSC 122.

Students must apply for entrance to the minor after achieving fifth semester classification.