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Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee (SAF) is a fee that every registered student at Penn State Harrisburg pays. The purpose of the SAF is to provide students with the funds to enhance their co-curricular campus experience while here at Penn State Harrisburg. Requests for funding are submitted via a proposal to the SAF committee which is responsible for reviewing proposals and allocating activity fee monies in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the fee.

When and how to submit a proposal

The SAF proposal Form can be found on the SAF OrgSync portal under "Forms"(You should be logged in on OrgSync and a member of SAF Portal; if not a member, go to My Memberships > All Memberships > Browse Other Organization > Search Student Activity Fee > Open SAF and click Join Now)

Below is the schedule for SAF open rounds. Proposal forms will open at 8am on Round Open Date and close at 5pm on Proposal Due Date. You will be notified upon the submission of a proposal that it has been received and a decision on your request will be emailed to you after the Allocation Meeting Date.

Allocation meetings will be held monthly. Proposals are due the second Friday of every month and the allocation committee meeting will be held on the following Friday. Exceptions for the months of September and January are made due to the start of the semester.

Proposals being requested should have an event date no less than 21 business days from the allocation meeting dates listed below.


2017/2018 SAF Proposal Schedule
  Round Opens Proposals Due Allocation Meeting Event After This Date
B 9/2 9/8 9/15 10/16
C 9/29 10/6 10/13 11/13
D* 10/27 11/3 11/10 1/8
E 1/19 1/26 2/2 3/5
F 2/16 2/23 3/2 4/2
A** 3/30 4/6 4/13 8/20/18
  • * ONLY Spring semester event/trip requests will be accepted starting this round.
  • ** ONLY Fall semester event/trip requests will be accepted.

For more information, please review the SAF Handbook or the "Tips for Submitting a Successful Proposal.

View some of the SAF funded activities displayed at the SAF Showcase

Student Activity Fee Committee membership

The SAF voting allocation committee is comprised of seven students, in addition to the President of SGA, representative of the student body population are selected from the pool of applicants and are reviewed by the co-chairs (Director of Student Affairs and Student Government Association President) as well as the Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Student Fee funds.  The co-chairs and Assistant Director of Student Affairs and Student Fee funds, also select a staff and faculty member based on their interest and accessibility.

Voting Members:
  • SGA President (co-chair)
  • Faculty representative
  • Staff representative
  • Traditional Age student
  • Non-traditional age student
  • Graduate student
  • Residental student
  • Commuter student
  • International student
  • Veteran student
Tie Breaker Vote:
  • Director of Student Affairs (co-chair) 
Non-Voting Members:
  • Asst. Director of Student Affairs and Student Fee Funds
  • Treasurer of SGA